Preferred location

Meaning of preferred location

The place of work is an essential piece of information when creating a job position, thanks to which you know where the offered position will be performed. The preferred location is a list of work locations for a specific position. It is not used to display all branches, nor to select an ad-hoc address.

💡The preferred location is always selected from the options offered by that particular position. There is a maximum of 15 locations to choose from.

💡If you need, for example, the candidate to choose any address in the response form, you can use the "Custom field" function, where you can fill in the candidate's address type, for example.

1.Set preferred location options

If you have a position that allows for multiple work locations (e.g. sales positions in multiple regions), you must first set the locations from which the applicant can choose their preferred location in the job position edit.

2. Selection of preferred location in the response form

In the response form, you have the option to include a field that stores your preferred location. In that case, the candidate can choose directly in the form. If the option is not published via the response form, you can set the preferred location for the applicant manually within the applicant card.

3. Preferred location on candidate card

In the "Candidate requirements" section on the "Overview" tab, you can see the "Preferred location" option. This option is only active if the position has more than one place of work performance.

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